CBD Oil for Sleep and Anxiety!

CBD Oil for Sleep and Anxiety!

Those who suffer from sleep issues often say that it’s not sleep alone that is the problem; rather it is the symptom of a larger, more pressing issue. So treating someone who has issues getting or maintaining sleep first comes down to finding the instigator of the problem.

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One of the main reasons behind not getting enough sleep is said to be the inability to turn your mind off at night. It would seem that as soon as you lay your head down to sleep, thoughts from the day catch up to you and invade any chance of peace you may have sought in sleep. This may be due to a great number of different things, but most often is due to an overactive mind, stress and even anxiety.

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CBD for sleep has shown to hold significant benefits, with findings suggesting CBD to have powerful anxiolytic effects in both animal and human test subjects. In a human study, researchers investigated the possible anxiolytic action of CBD in experimentally-induced anxiety in healthy volunteers, using the simulated public speaking (SPS) model. When CBD and a placebo were administered to two test groups with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), they found that levels of anxiety in the group who were given the placebo were far higher than those who received CBD; whom performed similarly to healthy controls in some measures.

CBD oil may also help sleep patterns reset and so break that vicious cycle when anxiety is the cause of your sleeping problems. A Brazilian study indicated that when CBD was administered to test subjects, sleep increased significantly compared to the placebo.

So if it is stress and anxiety that are the instigators of your wakeful nights, CBD may help you achieve a far more relaxed state, which will allow you to drift swiftly into dreams.

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