What is cannabidiol in CBD Oil and capsules?

Cannabidiol either Cannabidiol (CBD) is an important ingredient in cannabis

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of 80 components found in cannabis which belongs to a group of molecules with the name cannabinoids. These components are Cannabidiol (CBD) and THC generally represented in the highest concentrations and are therefore the most studied and recognized.

Cannabidiol (CBD) and THC levels have a tendency to vary between the different types of cannabis plants. Cannabis grown for recreation often contains more THC than Cannabidiol (CBD). This is a historically arisen from the need to cannabis plants with a high THC content. The breeding we started to determine the content and quickly as possible to be stoned.

However, by the use of special breeding techniques are cannabis breeders succeeded types with a high content Cannabidiol (CBD) and little to no THC to grow. These species are rare, but are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. It is especially the Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil which currently make use of many people.

There is a clear difference between the THC and CBD. CBD is not psycho active and therefore gives no indication of High or addled feeling.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is non-psycho active

Unlike THC, your of Cannabidiol (CBD) not high or stoned. Although this is bad news for recreational users has Cannabidiol (CBD) important advantages as medicine. Doctors but also the patients have a preference for medicinal products with minimal side effects.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is not psycho active because it is not the same receptors affected if THC. These receptors called CB1 receptors are strongly represented in the brain and are responsible for the spirit-enhancing effects of THC.

From various studies show that Cannabidiol (CBD) the various psychomotor and psychological functions is not disrupted and that it is safe to use even in high doses.

Cannabidiol is responsible for many of the analgesic properties of marijuana. It helps to relax the muscles, to reduce inflammation and held even a few neuro-protectieve benefits and advantages as antioxidant.

CBD can help with:

– Fractures

– Chronic pain

– Depression

– Diabetes

– Rheumatoid Arthritis

– Schizophrenia

– Stress


Cannabidiol (CBD) has a wide range of medische benefits

Although Cannabidiol (CBD) and THC different receptors of the body influence they seem much the same medical benefits to customers.

Unfortunately most of these data derived from animal studies, since there are few studies of Cannabidiol (CBD) were done on human patients. For the foreseeable future it is by the successes of this animal testing the door for extensive testing on people at a.

Azoth CBD Products

Cannabidiol (CBD) reduces the ‘negative’ effects / high of THC

Cannabidiol (CBD) seems a natural protection against the cannabis high to offer. Studies suggest that Cannabidiol (CBD) helps to reduce the negative effects of THC such as memory loss and to reduce paranoia.

Cannabidiol (CBD) also seems the soporific effects of THC, this may explain why there are some types of cannabis known to increase alertness.

With both THC and Cannabidiol (CBD) it is not possible to recovery. However, in order to reduce potential side effects can medical cannabis users better to opt for a kind of with a higher Cannabidiol (CBD) content. It is precisely the version cannabis plants with a Cannabidiol (CBD):THC ratio equal to approximately 1:1 is a favorite among the medicinal users.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is legal

Unlike THC, Cannabidiol (CBD) is the legal resident in the European Union. This has to do with the fact that Cannabidiol (CBD) has no psychoactive effect.




Wat is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation of cannabidiol, a dust that for approximately 3-4% appears in the cannabis plant. Together with CBDa, Cannabidiolic Acid, the sour precursor of CBD, ensure these fabrics for all kinds of health and welfare-promoting effects. In our best selling CBD oils of the brand Azoth is the entire plant processed. The most CBD rich buds, leaves and twigs also partly by means of super-critical CO2 extraction processed into semi-brand. After the laboratory testing the percentage CBD has determines the final end product is manufactures and can be sold in different percentages.

which allows you to use oil CBD?

Within the legal standards concerning communication on CBD related to food supplements, we offer you the following is an overview without medical terms with the possible health benefits, where CBD OIL AND OTHER CBD products and well are and what they can offer you.

  • Helps a nervous feeling
  • ensures balanced in stress situations
  • Helps to inner unrest
  • At restless feelings
  • Natural rest timer
  • For a good sleep and healthy night rest
  • For a good mood
  • Good for the nervous system
  • For mental resilience
  • Nerve Lighting at inner unrest
  • favorable for a good mental balance
  • For a normal muscle operation
  • For mental resilience
  • Improvement in sleep problems
  • Nerve Lighting at inner unrest
  • favorable for a good mental balance
  • For a normal muscle operation
  • Good for a healthy digestion
  • Intestinal regulatory
  • due to lack of appetite
  • decreases the desire in food
  • Good for the balance between positive and negative bacteria in the gut
  • Antioxidant (for protection against free radicals)
  • promotes a natural stool
  • Increases the resistance against unfavorable bacteria and fungi
  • Good against Viscera disorders
  • Helps the blood sugar content to keep normal
  • supports the healing power of the skin
  • For a good bot creation (helps to botgroei)
  • Good for the blood pressure
  • For a good microflora
  • of chronic pain
  • rheumatic pains
  • Enhanced by hemorrhage
  • For a practical oxygen transport
  • When cold hands and feet
  • For a good stomach-function
  • Helps in varying votes during menstrual cycle
  • protects against symptoms of old age
  • At voltages

Your wellbeing with CBD oil from hemp

The biggest advantage why many people use Azoth CBD is because it is entirely natural and because it is not a chemical and other unnecessary additions contains. The basis of the cbd oil is the biological CBD rich hemp. All our CBD PRODUCTS HAVE NO THC percentage and are therefore legally by law. Various studies show the special properties of CBD oil, there is even talk about the most ideal and hopeful product of now and for the future in support of human and animal welfare!

beneficial natural and organic products

The products you are offered in this category all have a rich cannabidiol-oil as a basis, so that it is possible for an optimal operation. This is of course the content of the psycho active THC under the legal standards.

blankCBD, operation

THC and CBD are important components in cannabis. There are many positive characteristics where cannabis can ensure, this is largely down to the special cannabinoid. Studies show that for example cannabidiol the resistance against unfavorable bacteria and fungi increases. It would also offer support to protect against free radicals and thus to better protect the body.

CBD oil is good for operation of the nervous system

The HEALTHY FUNCTIONING OF CBD oil can for many people a good support. Cannabidiol is also a nerve specific medium, it is good for a normal muscle force, gives more mental resilience, nerve lighting at inner unrest and is favorable for a good mental balance.

Many positive collaborations

The CBD oil can give a positive impact in the event of a nervous feeling, when under stress, inner unrest, restless feelings. It is if it would also be a natural rest device for a good sleep and healthy sleep, a good mood and a proper functioning of the nervous system.

CBD oil and the effects

It helps the blood sugar content to keep normal, supports the healing power of the skin, is good for the bot formulation, good for the blood pressure, good for perfusion, for a practical oxygen transport, at cold hands and feet, for a good stomach-function, helps in varying votes during menstrual cycle and protects against symptoms of old age. Observe, CBD oil is not a medicinal product! It is a food supplement and support. If you have very restless, in a stressful situation or sleep problems, you can also use the oil as rest giver.

Safe Use CBD oil

you can safely use CBD oil. It is 100% natural and 100% safe, has no addictive effect and also not for acclimatisation. The CBD oil does not unpleasant side effects. If you are going to use this submission it is sensible that the doctor will inform you that CBD oil used.

a (h)fair life with CBD oil

For everyone is the quality of life is important. Quality of life is the functioning of persons on a physical, mental and social area. One of the key ingredients of this healthy oil is cannabidiol and has the following properties for the quality of your life positively to influence.

  • contributes to a healthy sleep
  • Helps in varying votes (BV in the transition)
  • Helps a nervous feeling
  • promotes the concentration power
  • Nourishes and protects the skin
  • To stress and tension
  • works in a relaxing and restful
  • For a good mood
  • Good for the intestinal flora
  • Gives more energy
  • has a positive effect on symptoms of old age
  • Good for the blood circulation
  • stimulates the appetite
  • For the preservation of a healthy blood pressure
  • For the preservation of strong bones
  • Good for the memory
  • can help with pains

Wij do not medical statements, our CBD products are a food supplement.