Health Benefits

such as shown in the following table contains CBD very many health benefits. The Cannabidiol (CBD) in our bottles can be a support to several health complications

Azoth CBD should according to the law does not use all health terms, it is also not allowed to refer to studies. We advise you to try to do a study on the internet. You will be surprised of experiences of CBD users.

stressful situations, Sleeping & Mood

  • Helps a nervous feeling
  • ensures balanced in stress situations
  • Helps to inner unrest
  • At restless assimilating
  • Natural rest timer
  • For a good sleep and healthy night rest
  • For a good mood
  • Good for the nervous system

Psychological function and nerve operation

  • For mental resilience
  • Nerve Lighting at inner unrest
  • favorable for a good mental balance
  • For a normal muscle operation

Food & digestive

  • Good for a healthy digestion
  • Intestinal Regulatory
  • due to lack of appetite
  • decreases the desire in food
  • Good for the balance between positive and negative bacteria in the gut
  • Antioxidant (for protection against free radicals)
  • promotes a natural stool
  • Increases the resistance against unfavorable bacteria and fungi
  • Good against inge wall disorders

specific discomforts and other Benefits

  • Helps the blood sugar content to keep normal
  • supports the healing power of the skin
  • For a good bone formation (helps to botgroei)
  • Good for the blood pressure
  • Rheumatism
  • For a practical oxygen transport
  • When cold hands and feet
  • For a good stomach-function
  • Helps in varying votes during menstrual cycle
  • protects against symptoms of old age

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