Cannabioïde / CBD Oil

CBD is no THC and CBD stands for ‘cannabidol’. The cannabioïde can be insulated from hemp or cannabis. CBD is located both in cannabis sativa as Indica. It is one of at least 85 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis. Most people have heard of the cacabinoïde called THC, that is the substance in cannabis causing your ‘stoned’. In contrast to THC, has no psychedelic operation CBD So don’t worry, you don’t ‘stoned’ or ‘high’.

Natural CBD

CBD can therefore be seen as a naturally occurring cannabinoid in cannabis. These are soluble in various organic products but not in water. If it is at room temperature, the colorless substance the form of a crystalline and that is a solid substance. You can use to promote your welfare use of CBD.

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stimulates the reaction of the nervous system

CBD works on the receptor cells and stimulates the reaction of the nervous system in the human body. The body has two cannabinoids receptors. CB-1 and CB-2. It is also a natural oppressive medium. CBD is no medicinal product, and is also not a replacement for your own medicine, if you used. CBD is seen as a food supplement.

What is CBD Oil?

Our CBD products are made from the flowers of hemp plants and contain much CBD. The big difference between cannabis and hemp is the psychoactive resin to cannabis and not on hemp.

This makes it possible of flowers of the hemp plant a pasta with a high CBD content and by cold extraction without THC. When creating CBD Oil is coconut oil to this pasta added to the better metering. Cannabidiol is a not psychoactive cannabinoid appearing in cannabis.

The best CBD oil and the best CBD PRODUCTS

The CBD Azoth products sales have been thoroughly tested and found to be without THC. The CBD oil of the brand Azoth is solely the CBD brand in the Netherlands is organic certified and THC FREE! The CBD sold by us products meet high quality requirements. The difference between the oils is especially in the concentration CBD. The CBD oils with a higher percentage of CBD often have more impact than the CBD oil with a lower percentage CBD. The products with the most cbd are the pasta in a syringe can be offered. Our oil is already only without THC and therefore legally worldwide!

you from CBD oil High?

Of Azoth CBD in caps(capsules) or oil(pipette bottle) it is impossible to high or stoned. The CBD and hemp seed oil are good and additional to the health. The oil is used by many people but also animals. We sell the oil as a nutritional supplement and on the healing effect no medical statements.

Azoth CBD is to be used as support for the following diseases:
resistance problems, anxiety disorders, stress,muscle and joint pain, digestive problems, diabetes and extreme chronic pain.

Where is the CBD Oil to buy?

CBD Oil can easily buy and discreet in one customers! Azoth has different CBD Oils and Capsules available to buy. Ordered today often served in the House tomorrow. Via this link in our CBD shopping you can see where to obtain the products.

How many drops CBD OIL SHOULD I USE?

The use of the cbd can per person and per product differences. Always start quiet and with a low dose. The opinion is to start with 1 to 2 drops per time and this than 2 or 3 times per day to use. Hereinafter referred to as can adjust the dosage as needed. Please also read the information contained in the product itself for advice on how to use.

How long is CBD oil keep?

The CBD can best be kept cool and dark, for example in the refrigerator. The oil is then minimum 1 year shelf life. Keep in mind that by the cold storage of the cbd oil viscosity decreases and the so what lumpy. When the oil temperature is again to submit this to shake well. Use CBD preferably at room temperature.

CBD oil metering

There is uncertainty over the correct cbd dosage. The correct CBD dosage varies from person to person. The opinion is to start with a low dose to start and then to build up the desired effect is reached.


How can you take the CBD the best?

The CBD oil can get the best under the tongue, soak and than by swallowing. With a pipette drip bottle. In order to avoid over-dosage you can also take on the manual dripping and than with the tongue consume. From reviews shows that people the taste of our CBD oil enjoy. Shake well before use with. Of course we also capsules available for people who do not want to use oil.

What are the effects of CBD Oil?

The effects of CBD Oil differ from person to person. Each patient responds differently to CBD, so not to give a clear answer to the question of what the effects of CBD. But that has the effect and helpful is clear. The reviews at our salespeople are full of praise and shows that the CBD very definitely has a positive effect!