We are Azoth®

In the sixteenth century Azoth was seen as the essential means of the transformation in the alchemy. It has been said that the medium was an embodiment of all medicinal products. We have started with the production of CBD oil because we are convinced of the operation of the product as a supplement, but also against different ailments. We are dedicated to the production of the most pure and extremely clean CBD oil available on the European market. Azoth is a company that is intensively in any medicinal properties of the substance CBD. CBD stands for Cannabidiol that is the collective name of oils made of the fiber hemp which contain no THC.

100% Organic CBD supplier

Azoth CBD oil is a highly concentrated oil on the basis of coconut and what a very high percentage of pure CBD.
The percentage of the cbd oil is so high because the pure CBD oil and no other constituents such as in other cbd (raw) oils.
Azoth CBD oil uses only the tops of the hemp plant because in this section the most CBD is located.
This hemp plants are 100% organic grown on certified fields and in the traditional manner is selected manually.

Objectives Azoth CBD

Azoth CBD is located in the Netherlands. By our own experiences with CBD-oil and the extensive knowledge and sincere interest of our team, we are able to create a supplement specifically for CBD-users.
We are constantly working on the development of a new formula and improve the composition of our product. Everything we produce is fully vegetable and of course. We have a passion for our customers and for our product. So we know exactly how important it is to get a reliable product to deliver to our customers. The policy of our organization is the fact that we have no pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, chemical fertilizers or chemical substances which will enable the purity of our product in the production phase could be affected.

Customer Satisfaction

Our objectives do not end with the product. We are proud of our customer service and we try with the greatest dedication your transaction as smooth as possible. Also after the purchase! We offer you the highest possible support our customer service in the Netherlands. In the event of questions and/or feedback you can contact us at any time via Info@azothcbd.nl or via our contact page.

For legal reasons we can not give medical or give health advice with regard to our CBD-products. In the blogs on our website you will find a variety of information that could help you to collect them. In the event of doubt we always advise to consult a doctor.