Example Accounting Consultant Job Description

The job posting is the key to attracting a strong pool of qualified candidates, so make sure to highlight your organization’s strengths and provide clear, detailed job responsibilities and qualifications. Senior cost accountants enjoy the best pay in the health care industry, with an average salary of $74,446. For comparison, accounting consultants earn the highest salary in the manufacturing industry. While their salaries may differ, the common ground between accounting consultants and managers/finance accounting are a few of the skills required in each roleacirc;euro;trade;s responsibilities. In both careers, employee duties involve skills like cpa, gaap, and reconciliations.

While some skills are required in each professionacirc;euro;trade;s responsibilities, there are some differences to note. “cpa,” “erp,” “shared services,” and “balance sheet reconciliations” are skills that commonly show up on accounting consultant resumes. On the other hand, senior cost accountants use skills like sr, margin analysis, ppv, and inventory valuation on their resumes. When it comes to education, senior staff accountants tend to earn similar degree levels compared to accounting consultants.

Let’s examine the definition of accounting consulting and describe exactly what accounting consultants do, how to become an accounting consultant, why you should consider making the switch, and much more. A resume to be used for seeking the position of an accounting consultant in a company can be written by using information from the job description example shown above. This entry-level role is ideal for recent graduates or students in their last year of Accounting & Finance studies.

Accounting Consultant Job Description Sample Template

Certified public accountants really shine in the finance industry with an average salary of $92,755. Comparatively, accountant/consultants tend to make the most money in the finance industry with an average salary of $68,479. As an Accounting Consultant, you will be responsible for providing professional accounting services to our clients and assisting them in making sound financial decisions. To become an accounting consultant, you also need to consider who you want to work with. Do you want to work with your existing accounting clients, or attract new clientele?

In fact, they’re 3.7% less likely to earn a Master’s Degree, and 0.0% less likely to graduate with a Doctoral Degree. The purpose of an Accounting Consultant is to provide professional guidance and advice to clients on financial, tax, and other accounting-related matters. They help companies and businesses to develop, implement, and maintain effective accounting systems, processes, and procedures. Accounting Consultants are also responsible for assisting clients with budgeting and forecasting, financial statement preparation, cost accounting, and compliance with accounting regulations. Additionally, they may provide advice on strategies to improve cash flow and maximize profits.

  • When necessary, you can lead the implementation of recommendations that would enhance financial performance.
  • You can also list any benefits, including salary range, 401k, health insurance, paid time off, or professional development opportunities.
  • We are seeking trustworthy candidates who work efficiently without sacrificing accuracy.
  • Make sure to craft an engaging job description, highlight the job requirements, and provide clear instructions for applications.
  • Our company is looking for an Accounting Consultant to help us improve our accounting practices.
  • With Practice Forward content, tools and guidance, you can expand into advisory services, improve margins, drive growth, and elevate client service.

J.S. Held is dedicated to becoming the global leader in providing multi-disciplinary consulting services to the legal, government, healthcare, industrial, construction, insurance, energy, and technology, communities. Conclude the job posting with a statement that encourages potential candidates to apply. Provide clear instructions on how to submit the application, including the deadline for applying. Give a brief description of the company or organization hiring for the position.

So if you’re looking for dependable, reliable accounting services, look no further than us! General ledger accountants typically earn similar educational levels compared to accountant/consultants. Specifically, they’re 0.5% more likely to graduate with a Master’s Degree, and 0.2% more likely to earn a Doctoral Degree. An Accounting intern is a recent graduate or student in the last year of their Accounting & Finance studies. They work in the accounting department, gaining practical experience and assisting with various accounting tasks.

How long should an accounting consultant job posting be?

Becoming an accounting consultant takes a special set of skills beyond your technical accounting expertise. Technical skills aren’t necessarily the divide between a great consultant and a mediocre one. Passion, drive for excellence, leadership, communication skills, and organizational skills – in addition to your knowledge – play a big role in how successful you will be as an accounting consultant. A consulting gig is typically temporary, designed to help your client with a specific problem or situation, such as determining which entity type is the best for their new venture. You would consult on that, offering an analysis from an accounting and tax perspective, based on the business, the client’s goals and objectives, and specific needs. That doesn’t mean that you won’t have additional consulting opportunities with that same client in the future; it just means that you handle them one at a time as they arise.

Types of accountant/consultant

Accounting consulting professionals help clients with financial management, financial forecasting and auditing. Collaborating with business leaders, they also prepare and file financial reports and tax documents, conduct tax research and suggest ways to improve financial reporting processes. This advisory role requires llc capital contribution agreement attention to detail and good analytical skills to make observations that are based on complex financial data and avoid mistakes. Staying organized while working with multiple clients and communicating findings are crucial. An accounting consultant advises businesses on financial decisions and their accounting systems.

For Accounting Consultant Jobs

Accounting consulting jobs require a strong background in financial controls, regulations and accounting procedures to tailor services to the client. Opportunities exist in a variety of professional services firms, and offering consulting services on your own, is also an option. When business owners and managers look for professional advice regarding their companies’ operations, they turn to accounting consultants. This profession provides these consultants with skills to solve company issues, such as debit and investment accounting, income and cost detection and accounting for resources projects.


Common duties performed by an accounting consultant include improving accounting practices, preparing year-end financial statements, analyzing financial data, and advising the finance department on regulatory compliance issues. An accounting consultant helps business leaders stay abreast of changes in tax laws and financial reporting requirements, which ensures compliance with federal laws. An accounting consultant may provide these business services as an employee of an accounting firm, but some accounting consultants work as independent contractors.

Accounting Consultant Job Description Template

An ongoing survey by Indeed shows that the average salary for accounting consultants in the United States is $78,960 per year (as of April 2020). Whether you have specialized skills or are proficient in several areas, there is a niche where you can provide great value based on your experience, skills and interests. If the accounting consulting topics in highest demand aren’t your best skills, you may want to start other advisory services in your firm. In addition, prior to the global pandemic, client expectations were already shifting.

It’s fairly common for CPAs to become part-time or full-time consultants just prior to retirement, while others enjoy the benefits of greater flexibility and control over their schedules earlier in their careers. Below is a sample of an accounting consultant’s job description, showing a list of important tasks, duties, and responsibilities commonly expected to be performed by the individual working in that capacity. Use this accounting intern job description template to find reliable employees for your company. Feel free to modify the accounting intern duties and responsibilities as well as the qualifications listed below to fit your specific needs. As an Accountant Consultant, you will be responsible for providing definitive, objective advice and support to our clients.