Cyber Security Salary in United Kingdom

In many industries, your level of experience can have a big impact on how much you earn. This is especially true in cybersecurity, where hands-on experience is just as valuable, if not more important, to companies than education. Here’s a look at how your average base salary (US) might change as you gain more experience, based on salary data from job site PayScale [4]. If you have an interest in cybersecurity, this is good news.

how much does cyber security specialist make

Based on our compensation data, the estimated salary potential for Cyber Security Specialist will increase 29 % over 5 years. Interested in getting into cybersecurity and helping companies minimize security threats and develop security solutions that work? Watch this short video about the CompTIA Cybersecurity Career Pathway and get more IT career advice and tech tips sent straight to your inbox with CompTIA’s IT Career News. Mark Nunnikhoven, Vice President of Cloud Research at Trend Micro, explains why people should go into cybersecurity in an article by TechBeacon.

Strategies for Increasing Your Salary as a Cyber Security

When considering a career in Cyber Security, it’s important to look beyond just the salary. Comprehensive compensation packages often include additional benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and bonuses. These perks can significantly enhance the overall value of your employment package, making it important to consider them alongside the base salary.

  • This program is designed ​​to help individuals with no previous experience find their first job in the field of cybersecurity, all at their own pace.
  • The UK Cybersecurity Salary Survey 2022 polled 1,200 infosec leaders across England, Scotland and Wales from November–December 2021.
  • Average salaries in big cities like Washington, DC, New York, and Alabama have average salaries higher than the national average, according to PayScale [3].
  • He also notes the incredible variety that cybersecurity offers.
  • They work to protect networks and systems from cyber-attacks or malicious activity.
  • Represents PPP cyber risk exposure in any security related working groups within SL, Regulatory or..
  • Across the cybersecurity sector, salaries are high relative to the general UK population (average wages in 2021 were £31,772 pa, according to the Office for National Statistics).

Bonus My client, being a globally recognised Cyber Security and Networking firm.. This would suit someone who is already working within information security or where a large part of.. Employer heading Cyber Security Specialist Band 6 Applicants are advised to apply early as we reserve.. Job overview As a key member of the Cyber and Information Security Team the post holder will support the..

Revealed: UK Cybersecurity Salaries by Role in 2022

Provide operational and specialist instrument engineering.. Repairs and maintenance as required and monitoring security. To support the development and delivery of park improvement projects. Cyber security measures, processes and procedures.Act as DBA for general management, maintenance and..

They work to protect networks and systems from cyber-attacks or malicious activity. Cyber security specialists are responsible for safeguarding business data and sensitive information, as well as developing and implementing security policies. They are also required to monitor security systems, carry out penetration testing, and respond to potential threats. To become a cyber security expert, you will need a degree in cyber security, computer science, or a related field.

Negotiate your job offer.

If you already have a degree or IT experience, earning a cybersecurity certification could translate into a bigger paycheck. Some companies will cover the cost of certification courses and exams, offsetting how much you’d need to spend out of pocket. Be how to become a security specialist sure to speak with your manager about options if you’re interested in pursuing a certification. For the first time in a decade, the cybersecurity skills gap is leveling off. Looking five years ahead, they predict the same number of openings in 2025.