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The companies were showcasing the latest features — VOOmiles, VOOwallet and VOOpay and took part at the essencial BizAvTalks. The project has virtually NO LIMITS due to the enormous potential of the aviation industry. Currently, crypto payment is integrated with VOOpay, which guarantees security through transparent, traceable and safe financial transactions. The entire process is virtually effortless and rewards you with numerous benefits. AVINOC’s loyalty program is based on blockchain technology that offers multiple benefits, each of which adds value to the loyalty program and give you an opportunity to make a number of meaningful, valuable changes that are shaping the future.

  • While most companies view loyalty programs as a business problem to be solved, AVINOC is seeking to redefine the ideas behind the concept of the ideal loyalty program.
  • One of those is the actual ownership of money that cryptocurrency reclaims – it belongs entirely to the owner who decides whether to keep it on the blockchain or immediately exchange regardless to the time or location, which in no way affect the speed or cost of transactions.
  • As the first tool to represent the company’s vision and to advance toward its goal, AVINOC has developed the groundbreaking project – VOO Marketplace.
  • AVINOC realizes its vision through blockchain technology and through tokenization using company’s own ERC-20 token – the AVINOC Token.

Because of the trust of the market participants in AVINOC and the VOO product, investors engage in AVINOC tokens, whereby the price shifts as a reflection of that trust as well as market expectations about the price, for example at the stock exchange and stock trading. This also adds to the company’s value that brought the stock to the market, which is why people from all over the world are interested in AVINOC https://cryptolisting.org/blog/how-many-stocks-should-you-own and its token as a compelling investment. Gernot is an experienced consultant and entrepreneur with a high affinity for difficult and complex tasks in various business areas. He is particularly interested in connecting the enormous opportunities generated by technological advances such as blockchain and tokenization with the “real” economy and creating the best of both worlds for a better society out of it.

AVINOC Holding GmbH

AVINOC was founded in 2018 in Austria inspired by aviation industry, technology and business professionals and has established itself a trustworthy name in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology through their real projects. The world’s first digital marketplace to search, book, pay and manage your private jet. AVINOC is a THINK THANK and a tokenization company dedicated to integrating new technologies in aviation.

In simple terms, the completed transactions will be rewarded with tokens returned to the wallet. These latest tokenization projects are designed to erase the line between the real world and crypto, connecting them into one functional, transparent and highly secure ecosystem. PLEASE NOTE that if you are also a victim of business activities related to the companies or individuals mentioned above, feel free to contact us to review the possibility of joining our legal case. Pending the court’s decision and the rendering of a judgment, it is crucial to acknowledge that the information concerning the mentioned companies and individuals is subject to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

Company roadmap

As the first tool to represent the company’s vision and to advance toward its goal, AVINOC has developed the groundbreaking project – VOO Marketplace. Digital B2B marketplace to search, book, pay and manage private jet charter flights. AVINOC is a company dedicated to the integration of new technologies in aviation, leading to operational changes, creating more efficient processes and thereby generating positive changes in business aviation and subsequently in the entire aviation industry.

AVINOC´s value

Jan Bollmeyer as suggested by Erwin Dokter and Peter Skerl (VouGee GmbH) was contracted as the exclusive wholesaler, distributor, and retailer of the aforementioned Hardware Wallet and received the title of Chief Sales Officer (CSO) at JUWELIS Digital Systems AG. VouGee has engaged a new law firm located in Zurich, Switzerland, and in response to our claim for damages, they have requested a change of court. Furthermore, JUWELIS has been summoned to substantiate all the requested claims. JUWELIS submitted all requested documents to proof the paid expenses for the development and the project JUWELIS Hubs.

Avinoc Token

AVINOC addresses aviation as the industry of the future and uses blockchain technology, which offers a broad activity space with yet countless untapped opportunities for aviation, to target the challenges of the entire industry. Company applies modern digital technologies as opportunities to make interconnected customer journey a reality. AVINOC’s first vision was to disrupt the entire aviation industry and implement blockchain for the first time. AVINOC realizes its vision through blockchain technology and through tokenization using company’s own ERC-20 token – the AVINOC Token.

Participate in aviation tokenization with us!

Project development/management is JUWELIS Group’s core business, and the proposed Hardware Wallet had some unique properties at the time. Thus, a funding and collaboration agreement for the development and production of the Hardware Wallet was signed with VouGee GmbH in February 2020, with the Hardware Wallet delivery to begin in June 2020. VOOmiles is a functioning loyalty program implemented within the VOO marketplace. It’s a free reward program which allows you to accumulate miles and receive rewards such as cashback for each booked flight for a broker, margin premiums for an operator and for each VOOpay transaction you receive an AVINOC token as a bonus.

It’s time for real projects

Followed by updates on current developments of the VOO platform and further future visions for AVINOC, the presentation drew a lot of attention. The fuel that AVINOC uses to power its blockchain solutions is the AVINOC token – a highly forward-looking solution because token-based assets are predicted to have enormous market potential. It is estimated that up to $24 trillion in financial assets will be stored on the blockchain by 2027, equivalent to 10% of the projected global GDP. Aviation is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and it continues to expand.